Size Guide

Size Neck Chest
XS 29-36 cm 36-48 cm
S 35-44 cm 41-54 cm
M 39-51 cm 46-61 cm 
L 42-56 cm 57-83 cm
Size Width Length
XS 1.5 cm 22-30 cm
S 1.5 cm 28-43 cm
M 2.0 cm 33-51 cm
L 2.5 cm 41-66 cm
Using a measuring tape measure around your dog's neck & chest as it will give you the best accuracy for your dog's measurements. Please see the above photo guide
Size  Measurements  Breed
Small Up to 36cm neck Boston Terrier, Italian Greyhound, Dachshund Papillon, Brussels griffon, Jack Russell, Chinese Crested, Chihuahua 
Medium Up to 44cm neck Corgi, Cavoodle, Bull Terrier, Schnauzer, French Bulldog
Large Up to 58cm neck Staffy, Boxer, Dalmatian, English Bulldog, Golden Retriever, Greyhound, Rottweiler, Chow Chow, Basset Hound, Border Collie, Weimaraner, Great Dane (please see Great Dane info below)
Please note our bandanas are cut to square shape.
Due to our bandanas being designed for specific breeds we only have one size per breed. Please see above size chart for the breed
For the Great Dane Lovers only:
The bandanas will be custom made to order. 
Send an email or add into the notes section at checkout the size you wish for your bandana.